On June 5th, we flew from Honolulu to Seoul, Korea, and then on to Hong Kong after a brief layover. The kids did amazingly well. They didn’t sleep much until the last 2 hours of the flight, so when we arrived in Hong Kong at 10 pm on June 6th, they were ready to sleep. Arriving late without much sleep really helped with adjusting to the time zone change–we really haven’t experienced much jet lag.

Here are some pics.

1 & 2-Checking out our Korean Airlines double decker plane just before takeoff from Honolulu

3 & 4-Hanging out in the Seoul airport.

5-On the airplane, just after landing in Hong Kong.

6-In the Hong Kong airport.

7-Looking out the window in the Regal Airport Hotel connected to the HK airport–we stayed there the first night since we were arriving late and didn’t want to have to deal with the commute to our flat that night.