Today the kids and I went with a friend to lower Cheung Sha beach. Several people have told me this one of the cleanest beaches around. Holy moly. When we arrived, the beach was covered in trash. There were staff there with rakes and dustpans cleaning it up, but it was quite disgusting–see the first couple pictures below.  (My friend who has been there several times before, said she’d never seen it that way.) We decided to brave it anyway and the kids had fun.

We were just in Hawaii 3 weeks ago, so I couldn’t help but compare the beaches.

HK beach perks
-warmer water
-tons of sea shells (we could hardly find any in Hawaii)
-the waves weren’t as powerful and the pull of the waves as they go out wasn’t nearly as strong, so it seemed a lot safer for the kids

Hawaii beach perks
-you can’t beat the beautiful, clear, clean water (who knows what diseases are lurking in the HK beach waters–I think it will be a while before I brave a beach here again)

After splashing in the waves for awhile, the kids and I strolled down the shore looking for shells, and we found a dead baby SHARK. No joke. (After taking pictures, I notified the lifeguards, who said “beautiful” and “not dangerous–baby” and then threw it in a trash can. They didn’t convince me–that baby had a mama and papa lurking around somewhere. Don’t worry, the area where we were splashing in the water had shark nets around it.)

On the way home, our bus ride was an adventure. But many of my bus rides, alone with 2 kids and a large bag or 2 or 3, are adventures. I’ll do a whole post on bus riding adventures later. Stay tuned.

PS-We’re still searching for a house. We have some options. We’ll be heading to Mui Wo again tomorrow to look around.