On Tuesday, we headed to Mui Wo (where we will live as soon as we can find a place to rent there) to visit the kindergarten Magdalena will attend in the fall. It was raining when we set out, so Magdalena donned her rain boots and we brought along our umbrellas (we have 3–2 that Magdalena’s birth grandparents gave Magdalena and James a few months back, and one that a nice Chinese lady gave us in Central on Monday. We were walking in a light rain and didn’t bother to get our umbrellas out since we were only going a short distance. The lady approached us an offered her umbrella. I politely declined, telling her we had umbrellas, but she didn’t understand, pointed to the kids, and kindly insisted we accept the gift of her umbrella–it was such a nice gesture.) It’s a good thing we brought some rain gear because when we arrived (via 2 different buses) in Mui Wo, it was pouring rain. We bought some cheap ponchos at the fairy pier, but with Josh’s tearing, and the kids splashing in all sorts of puddles on the 20 minute walk to the school, we were quite wet when we arrived. So much for being all neat and tidy and well put together for the first meeting with the new principal. We had a good chat with the principal and Magdalena was introduced to her future classmates. Magdalena says she is excited to begin school there.

After visiting the school, we walked 15 minutes or so to a pizzeria near the Mui Wo pier, then walked to a nearby real estate agent we had an appointment with. We walked in lots more rain and visited 3 rentals (1 of them could possibly work for our family, but we’re holding out for the time being to see what else is available). Then we walked around Mui Wo, visiting the 2 grocery stores and a bakery. Then we took the fairy back to Discovery Bay where we are currently staying. By the time we arrived in Discovery Bay, we were all a little wet and cold–it was the first time any of us have been cold outdoors in Hong Kong–and possibly the last for a while. Luckily, the kids did great through all of that. They love the movie “Singing in the Rain”, so whenever they have their rain boots and umbrellas out, they are singing the song and dancing like in the movie. We were quite exhausted by the time we arrived home.

Wednesday morning we headed with other members of our church congregation (“branch”) to the Hong Kong LDS Temple. We rode in a double decker bus part of the way there, and it was Magdalena and James’s first time riding in the top (see pics). A couple moms stayed back at a church across the street and entertained the kids while the rest of the adults served in the temple–so sweet of them! Our kids had a great time hanging out with the other kids. James did manage a fall, resulting in a fat lip and a really bloody nose, but nothing that a ton of toilet paper and a movie couldn’t remedy. After the temple, we went to a mall for lunch with some of the members of our branch, and then took the MTR (light rail) back to Discovery Bay.

Today we’ve just been taking it easy. I ventured to the plaza (by myself for the first time) to run some errands while the kids napped, and managed not to get lost.

We’ve realized that pretty much any trip away from Discovery Bay turns in to an all-day affair. Getting around just takes awhile here.

The last 2 days, the weather has been mild–warm, but not too hot.

All is well here and we’re enjoying the adventure!