This post started out being called “May and June, 2011″. But now that it’s September, I decided to lump May-August in one post! It’s a little long.

In May, James and I, with my two sisters and some of their kids, took a trip to good ole Blanding, UT for the funeral of my Uncle, Tom. We were so sad for his passing. Lots of family came there and it was wonderful to see the love and support. That was James’s first time going to Blanding and the first time my sisters or I had been there in I think 5 years. We appreciated the beautiful landscape more this time than we ever have before.

It was our last Kindermusik class before Summer break. Magdalena and James both love it.

Loved this picture of the temple when I went one day.

In June we had a brief visit with Magdalena’s birth mom and her husband. We had a good visit with them.

One of the young women I had when I worked with the youth in our ward got married and we enjoyed her reception.

We also had a mission reunion–Josh’s mission president was here from Brazil and it was fun to see him and his wife and the other missionaries Josh served with.

The end of June we went to Ramah, NM to visit my Dad and Jodi for the first time since they moved there. It was such a fun visit and we had a great time seeing where they live. On the way there we stopped at Four Corners before heading on to Ramah. One fun thing we did in Ramah was visit a bat cave. We waited for the bats to come out for their evening meal, and when they came, we were surrounded by tens of thousands of bats. It was really cool–the pictures really don’t do it justice. We also went to inscription rock.

Then we all went to Blanding, stopping at Mesa Verde on the way. It was really cool!

While in Blanding(July), we went to Natural Bridges, made a surprise visit to my grandparents during their last month at the Cal Black Memorial Airport at Lake Powell, went to an awesome family reunion for the descendants of Willard Richard Guymon and Hattie Black, Went to a Stan Bronson concert, went to Bluff (twin rocks, the old Bluff Cemetery, Bluff Fort, etc.), and went to the Blanding Independence day festivities.

Also in July we had a baby shower for Bridgette, went to dad’s sprint triathlon at Scofield Reservoir (camping out the night before) and then headed out on a fun road trip to visit Steimle Family in Kansas and Colorado. It was fun for Magdalena and James to get to know their Steimle cousins who they don’t get to see very often. And to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Steimle and most of the Aunts and Uncles. Some highlights from Kansas include (in chronological order) Orange Leaf yogurt where Amber works, swimming, the nature reserve, the park, a museum at KU, paddle boating, and visiting some LDS Church history sites.

Some of the highlights from Colorado include going to the Littleton city farm place (can’t remember what it was called), visiting friends Angie and Nate who I hadn’t seen since BYU days, biking on a beautiful trail (stopping along the way for a picnic in the park and playing in a stream), having a backyard to play in, swimming, visiting some relatives–Betty and Florence (including locking our keys in the van and having to break in), and hiking in the mountains.

In August, we had a fun walk around the Daybreak lake with Tobi and kids and Magdalena had her first day of ballet/jazz. We didn’t take many more pics than that.

It was a great summer! We are so glad for being able to spend time with both sides of the family, the Newbys, and lots of other friends.