Wow! A lot has happened here in HK since I last posted in June. As a result of lots of blessings and help from friends, we found a house, moved in, and have been settling in. We live in Mui Wo, on South Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Here are some photos from the last few months. (Note: The photos you see below are just “thumbnails” so they’re cropped. If you click on a photo, you can see the whole photo.)



In July, the kids and I took a ferry, then our first taxi ride and joined some moms from church at a tourist attraction–Victoria Peak. While we were waiting for the other moms to arrive, a tourist approached us and wanted to take pictures with Magdalena. This has probably happened 10 times in the past 4 months. It seems to usually happen with tourists from mainland China–the Hong Kong Chinese are used to seeing blondes around. Anyways, this time was particularly comical because the man had a daughter, maybe around 10, who did not seem amused by her dad wanting photos with another little girl. At one point, he remembered his daughter, and invited her to be in the pictures too. I should have laid my foot down when the guy leaned in like he was giving Magdalena a kiss on the cheek. But it completely caught me off guard. Magdalena is a good sport with these photo opps, although it is of course awkward for her.

Anyways, the tram ride up to Victoria Peak was neat and the view of Hong Kong from the Peak is amazing. After enjoying the view, the kids had a blast playing in the Peak’s Park (say that 10 times fast).



This wasn’t much of a zoo, and it wasn’t much of a botanical garden, but it was nice and peaceful, had a fun park for the kids, and was free.




In August we went to see the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping. It was really neat. When we arrived, it was quite foggy, and so even though the Big Buddha was right in front of us when the bus dropped us off, we had no idea where it was. But it added to the ambiance and gave the visit a sort of mystical feel. The fog cleared up right before we left.

To give the photos full justice, you need to click on them to see the uncropped version. Yes, underneath the raincoat in the last pics, James is wearing nothing but underwear. He was looking into a small shallow fish pond and fell in. Josh and I really had to contain ourselves to keep from laughing. Poor James did not think it was funny. A nice Chinese woman gave us her shawl to dry him off with. I’m still in awe of her donating a beautiful piece of her clothing to perfect strangers in need. We couldn’t head straight home after it happened–we had yet to climb the stairs to the Big Buddha. And we hadn’t yet seen the kung fu demonstration (which was excellent). So we were glad to at least have the rain coat.




1-On the ferry from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo.

2-A view of Mui Wo as we approach it by ferry. Where we live is not visible from the ocean–it’s a 25 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride from the pier.

3-4-Eating at a local landlord with our Chinese landlord, her two daughters, and our friend, Sister Cathy, who found our house for us and translated for us.

5-Around Mui Wo, not too far from home.

6-7-On Hong Kong Island at a street market.


All is well here in Hong Kong. I’ll post pics from September and October soon.