Today we got up and went to Paradise Cove in Ko Olina for several hours. It was beautiful! We got to swim with sea turtles and I snorkeled for the first time–it was way cooler than I imagined. And the kids absolutely loved the beach. At some point, James said something to the effect of “Mom, I don’t ever want to leave Hawaii”, which is just what the kids said when we were in California. Later Josh asked James, “Which do you like better–Disneyland or Hawaii?” Like a true diplomat, with all sincerity, he answered “Disneyland, Hawaii, and Hong Kong.”

After the beach, we stopped at a farm to plate restaurant that was neat. (Thanks for the recommendations, Stephanie!)

The kids have loved being with Uncle Corey, Aunt Bridgette and Jensen. (Thanks you guys for showing us a good time!)

We’re all a little sunburned from the day’s activities, despite application and reapplication of sunscreen, but hopefully we can keep those from getting worse tomorrow.

Here are some pics from today. Not sure if the pictures do it justice. It truly was amazingly beautiful!