Today Josh had a meeting on HK Island, so the kids and I decided to ride the ferry over with him and do some shopping. Thanks to Amy and Sunnee showing me around a few days ago, I was able to get around and find where I wanted to go. We went to Li Yuen Street (East and West, aka “The Lanes”), H&M, and we ventured up to the Mid Levels. From Central to the Mid Levels was 14 escalators up, with some walking in between. The escalators go only down before 1030am when everyone is going to work, and after that, they go only up (at least according to the worker I asked at a cafe). So that meant taking stairs or sloped walkways all the way down. The kids did amazingly well. James wanted to be held a bit (we’re working up to him doing all the walking by himself), but Magdalena did great. Six hours later by the time we were got off the bus to go home, both of the kids had the energy to run to the building.

Here are some pics from the day.

1) James sporting a Chinese umbrella and hat in a touristy shop in the Lanes.
2) Magdalena and James on the “escalator” or “travelator” up to the Mid Levels.
3-5) M & J around Central on Hong Kong Island.
6) Waiting at the pier for our ferry back to Discovery Bay (DB).
7) James sporting the superman outfit we bought him at the Lanes.
8-9) Pics from our balcony in our temporary place in DB (Lantau Island).

Still no luck finding a permanent place to live in Mui Wo. We have a couple options that could work, but they’re either junkier than we want or more expensive than we want. We’re hoping for something more in the middle quality and price wise. We’ll see what turns up.

Hugs from Hong Kong.