Just got to thinking last night how grateful I am for so many things. I’m grateful my nephew, Chandler’s surgery went so well yesterday. I’m so grateful that my pregnancy has been complication-free. Thankful that my cold from a couple weeks ago is gone. So thankful that all indications are that James is healthy and doing well in the womb. Thankful for so many loving family members and friends and for all you all do for me. Thankful for an amazing husband who has been so supportive and been so great at letting me get extra sleep, cooking for me, etc. Thankful for an amazing cutie-pie daughter and for the 2 wonderful years I’ve spent being her mommy (and for the opportunity to stay home with her and spend so much time with her–and for a husband who sacrifices to make that possible).Thankful to know that God knows and loves me and my family personally. Thankful that somehow things always somehow work out. Thankful that we get to have a new child in our family soon!