The other day when Brynn and the kids went to the beach and saw the dead baby shark I had to stay home for a two-hour phone call I had with a peer mentoring group. Magdalena wanted me to come, but I told her “I’m sorry I can’t, I have a big phone call I need to be on.”

Later when the kids got home and were telling me about the shark I said “Wow! That sounds exciting, I wish I could have been there to see the shark.” With all the righteous judgment she could muster Magdalena quipped, “Well, you could have been there if you hadn’t been on your big phone call.”


We’ve long noticed that Magdalena is very sensitive about music. When “scary” music come on during a movie like Horton Hears a Who or other tame fare it is sometimes more than she can handle. She really doesn’t seem to be bothered so much by the visuals or the content of the movie, it’s the music.

In the flat we’re staying in right now (generously loaned to us by the Lefler’s who are on their summer vacation) while we continue our house hunting there is a piano keyboard, and Magdalena and James were playing notes on it the other day while Brynn and I were in the kitchen. We heard some low notes being held down and then we heard Magdalena, in a very serious and urgent tone, say “James! Stop playing that music, it’s too scary!”

We started to laugh at that, but then what added to it was when, a second later, we overhead James give a hearty “Bwah haha!” in apparent pleasure at the effect of this newly found power to influence Magdalena’s emotions.