We had a great time on our trip to Page, AZ and Lake Powell for Josh’s Olympic distance triathlon on October 17th. The night before when we arrived in Page we went straight to the Lake. Magdalena absolutely loved it–she loved seeing the water, all the boats, and the dogs on the boats. As we were driving up, and non stop while we were there she was chattering about it. She’s never talked so much all at once. She was saying things like, “Boats, water, dogs on boat, Wow!.” and then repeating it all over inserting a “Wow!” regularly. It was so cute. 

Josh did great. Here are his times:

1500 meter Swim: 29 min. 32 sec.
24 mile Bike: 1 hr. 15 min. 39 sec.
6.2 mile Run: 53 min. 50 sec.
Total Time including transitions: 2 hr. 44 min. 52 sec.

You can read Josh’s much more detailed account at one of his other blogs: http://www.ironmandiet.com/events/2009-lake-powell-triathlon-olympic-distance.html