Draper Days Rodeo

Believe it or not, I nor Brynn nor even Magdalena have ever been to a rodeo. But since I became a member of the Draper Community Foundation which sponsors a bunch of celebratory events in Draper each year known as Draper Days (my company built the Draper Days website, by the way), we’ve finally rectified the situation.

The rodeo started out with Mutton Bustin’, which is where they tied a helpless 3-5 year old kid who got talked into the whole thing (and possibly bribed) to a scared sheep and then they open the gate and the sheep takes off running, and the kid is generally dumped face first into the dirt within 0.5 to 2 seconds. The winner stayed on for a little over 8 seconds. One kid slid upside down underneath the sheep and was riding upside down for a few seconds before falling off and getting slightly trampled. I think the crying ratio was about 80%, and the sheep didn’t seem happy about it either. But according to the rodeo announcer all the kids will look back on this with fondness after a few years have passed, so I guess it’s all ok, except for the traumatized sheep. But seriously, it did seem kind of dangerous. I’m surprised nobody has petitioned Congress to outlaw Mutton Bustin’.

At first Magdalena seemed a little worried, although whether about the kids or the sheep or both I’m not sure. But then she got pretty excited about it and was shouting “Wow!” and yelling and laughing.

Then they had the rodeo queen ride out with her “maids” or whatever they’re called, the flag ceremony, and then the cowboys on the bucking horses. Man, I don’t know how those guys do it. They should study the spines of those guys to see how this sport affects them. I can’t believe any of those guys aren’t confined to wheelchairs after a few years of that stuff. I sure my physical therapist wouldn’t be too excited if I told him I was going to do it.

Then the cowboys started roping calves, and that’s about when we left. Not because our sensibilities were offended (the rodeo clown had already taken care of that with his jokes) but because Magdalena was getting pretty tired, and we were sitting on concrete benches so my hind end was over it.

All in all it kind of reminded me of my skateboarding videos where the guys are falling and hurting themselves. In skateboarding parlance that part of the video is called the “slam section”, and that’s pretty much what the entire rodeo seemed to be like. Another year or two and I think Brynn will be rarin’ to get Magdalena out there riding a sheep.

Oh, and at the end we met a demon-horse.