What do the first 5 pictures have to do with the last one? And this is just any old regular flower bulb planting, right? Actually, these pictures portray a significant historical event.

These are Crinum Lily bulbs that are starts from my maternal Great Great Great Grandmother (I don’t even know her name–just that she was born in South Carolina and that her married name was Mathis/Mathews). She gave a start of the Lily to her daughter, my Great Great Grandmother, Nettie Mathis/Mathews Mitchell when she married in about 1876 (Nettie is the mother in the last picture above). When her daughters, Annie (my Great Grandmother) and Myrtle married in  1899 and 1912, she passed part of her Lily plant on to each of them.

I received these starts from Nettie’s flower from my dear cousin, Eva, this week, and I was so excited to plant them and have this connection to my Grandmothers and other ancestors! And I’m excited when these reproduce to pass this link onto my sisters and sister-in-law, and eventually to my daughters!

My cousin Eva said “Nettie’s lily has grown in Texas, [Indian Territory,] Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Tennessee and the Carolinas…its a survivor–like our folks.” I love it!

A cousin, Leona, said “When it blooms I smell the sweet perfume, and know that the women that came before me and I have a common love and bond, and it smells like lilies.”


(More info about this Lily by my cousin Leona at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mitchell001/the_lily.html.)