We have a history of crocheted favorite blankies in our family (or at least we’re starting one :)). My Aunt Cynthia crocheted a blanket for me when I was a baby and I slept with it every night into my teenage years–it was always a great comfort to me when things were rough. Around the time I was 16 my Dad, who I guess thought I was too old for it, took it and “threw it away.” Luckily, my Dad is sentimental about keeping things and I later found it in a box in the garage or something so off it went with me to college. Magdalena loves it too and calls it “Mommy’s Special Blankie.”

Josh’s cousin, Susan, crocheted a blanket for Magdalena before she was born and she is extremely attached to it. She always sleeps with it and it’s a big comfort to her if she is hurt or afraid. I don’t think we ever intended for her to become attached to it. It was just the first blanket we felt comfortable giving her as an infant since there are holes all over and it didn’t seem to have the risk of suffocation that other blankets have. And her attachment to it just developed from there.

When I got pregnant with James, I knew it was a must that we have a crocheted blanket for him too. Thank goodness for my friend Jana who had her Grandmother make one for him that is sooooo cute. She also made some matching hats and booties. See pics below. My “Favorite Blankie” is the green and yellow one, and Magdalena’s “Blankie” is the pink one.