Brynn and Josh’s Half Marathon

Whew! Brynn and I just finished running the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon together. We hadn’t planned to run together originally, and we both had our iPods ready to go, but we started together and found out that we were comfortable running the same pace (we’ve never been able to train together so we weren’t sure) so we just stayed together the entire way and never even turned our iPods on. The weather was absolutely perfect–cool to start, but not cold, mostly cloudy, and a very light cool breeze (not enough to make it harder to run, but enough to feel great).

Most of the run was downhill, especially at the start, which made it seem quite easy at first and we were making good time, averaging about 9:30 per mile. But as we turned north things got just slightly harder, and so in the end our average pace ended up being 9:59 per mile (we were darned if we weren’t going to go faster than 10:00 per mile with it being that close). The only really hard part was the block between South Temple and 100 South on State Street, where there’s a nice bit of a hill you have to run up, less than two miles before the end. It’d be nice if they could move that to the beginning…

Now we’re really sore. Time for some Aleve, a shower, and then some Tucanos.