It’s hard to believe that we’re repeating events. It seems like just yesterday we were at the 4th of July parade with Magdalena, and here we are again. We went down to the Provo parade, which seems to be a family tradition now, and we have a nice spot that Brynn’s Aunt Callie saved for us. We finally invested in some of those folding/camping chairs. They were only $10/apiece at Wal-Mart and man, it’s a lot better than sitting on the ground or standing up. We should have bought those years ago. We got a little one for Magdalena which she seemed to enjoy, although she had a hard time staying put in it, what with so much stuff going on.

Overall the parade was fairly uneventful until Callie told us the story of a Revolutionary War re-enactment at BYU several years ago in which a guy’s arm was blown off and tossed through the air by a canon. Apparently he was going around the front of the canon to inspect it after it didn’t fire. Maybe he’s lucky. Maybe he was just two seconds away from putting his eye up to the end of it like Wiley Coyote would do.

Magdalena seemed to enjoy it all, saying “wow” a lot. She also enjoyed trying to wander off and snag food that belonged to other people. We had my niece Amber from Kansas with us. We had just picked her up that morning from EFY at BYU.

That evening we went to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and watched a fireworks show. We had to walk a good three quarters of a mile from where we parked to where we ended up sitting, and when the fireworks started I realized Magdalena might get frightened, and if she started screaming or something it was a long walk to get away from the fireworks. But she totally loved them. She kept saying “Wowww!” every time a new firework would explode and even thought we had kept her up until after 9 pm when the show started, she stayed awake for the entire hour until it ended, and then she fell asleep on my shoulder as we were walking back to our car.