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Business mathematics by Michael Sentlowitz

By Michael Sentlowitz

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The latter is the proper course to follow and is summarized below. If no parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ] appear, the order in which the oper­ ations are performed is : 1. multiplication and/or division in the order in which the operations occur from left to right ; 2. addition and/or subtraction in the order in which the operations occur from left to right. 6 Using the above rule for order of operations the expression 7 + 5 3 is evaluated as follows. + X 8 - 7+ 5 x 8-6+3 '---v----' multiply = 7 + 40 - 6 + 3 '---v----' divide = 7 + 40 - 2 '---v----' add = 47 - 2 '---v----' subtract = 45 If parentheses or brackets are included, the operations should be performed within the parentheses or brackets first in the correct order.

2. Deduct outstanding checks. 6. 95 According to this bank reconciliation statement, the adjusted balance for the checkbook and bank statement is .... 95. 00. 00 = $300. 50. 20 Adjusted balance $620. 34, $200, $80, and $140 ; and service charges, $10. 8 Record Keeping for Checking Accounts • EXERCISES 1. 00. Find the balance after these transactions are entered. 2. A 3. 00. 00 are written. 00. 4. 00. 00. Find the balance after these trans­ actions are entered. 00 in this account. Three weekly payroll checks are written on October 5, October 12, and October 19.

Identifies three of four equal parts. This can be illustrated by considering any closed figure divided into four equal parts in which three of the parts are shaded (see Figure 2 . 1 . 1) . FIGURE 2 . 1 . 2). In any fraction , D identifies the total number of equal parts and is called the denominator. N identifies the number of parts being considered and is called the numerator. A proper fraction contains a numerator that is smaller than the denominator. For example, and are proper fractions. An improper fraction contains a numerator that is equal to or greater than the denominator.

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