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Body Reveals: Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the by Ron Kurtz

By Ron Kurtz

Physique finds: Illustrated consultant to the Psychology of the physique

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There is an important distinction here, however. Overweight, in our experience, with a heavily padded abdomen, is most often associated with a lack of contact with the belly center. It is probable that this very lack of contact makes for the individual who constantly overeats to fill up. Where the enlargement occurs throughout, without obesity, the shape is compatible with good energy streaming into the lower belly center, and an index of good health and vitality. We have already discussed the last basic type, the flattened, contracted belly.

He or she has all life’s survival mechanisms employed in holding all the parts together. In most other situations of a core-ground insecurity, the level of reactive holding on the part of the outer muscular layer is such that the individual is able to confront life’s demands. His compensations exhibit enough energy to avoid fragmenting easily. But, in severe cases, any stress is poorly withstood. Unable to deal with increased pressures from without or within, F IG U RE 9. AN the severely fragmented individual will often totally cut OVE RB U RDE N E D I N DIVI DUAL himself off from his feelings.

A person with a sway back and a protuberant belly, while appearing open, cannot be considered to be unblocked, moving breath freely into the lower belly center. He will surely be found to have some blocking between his upper and lower halves somewhere in his back. Subject four, the next-to-last in Figure 27, when viewed only from the standpoint of his belly shape, might be thought to have an open, even, smooth flow of energy. Inspection of his overall posture shows he is quite bowed, and surely must be trapping energy in his midback.

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