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Bacchylides. The poems and fragments by Bacchylides.; R C Jebb

By Bacchylides.; R C Jebb

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Sceptical doubt is allowed no place. Scepticism has a long and honourable part in the history of Greek philosophy, but at the time of Heraclitus there is no evidence that it had as yet gathered and sharpened its weapons. In supposing that Heraclitus accepted the Rule of No Cancellation, one is not therefore obliged to find him defences against scepticism. Still, it is interesting to note that Heraclitus did have a first line of defence against some obvious sceptical arguments. Dreams, for instance, do not have to 5 On Xenophanes' empiricism see Hermann Frankel, Wege und Forrnen fruhgriechischen Denkens (2nd ed.

But the l8 DAVID WIGGINS most striking demonstration of the naturalness and simplicity of this underlying thought can be found in the words that Joule spoke in St Anne's Church Reading Room, Manchester, in the 1847 address in which he first described for the world at large his experimental demonstration of the conservation principle: You will be surprised to hear that until very recently the universal opinion has been that living force could be absolutely and irrevocably destroyed at any one's option.

9 Hermann Diels, Herakleitos von Ephesos (2nd ed. Berlin 1909), x; Karl Reinhardt, Parmenides und die Geschichte dergriechischen Philosophie (Bonn 1916), 193; Kahn, The Art and Thought of Heraclitus, 20. 42 EDWARD HUSSEY has applied the principle in quite the way in which I shall apply it, as a principle of identity of meaning rather than simply of structure. 2 Meaning in the cosmos: the programme realised 2. i What evidence there is about the furniture and general shape of Heraclitus' cosmos allows it to be seen as derived from direct observation by the application of the rules of interpretation.

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