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An Umbrella for Alex by Rachel Rashkin-Shoot

By Rachel Rashkin-Shoot

An Umbrella for Alex narrates a tender boy's trip as he makes an attempt to appreciate and take care of his mother's abrupt temper swings. Written to be learn with a therapist, father or mother, or different depended on grownup, the tale of Alex reassures affected kids that they didn't reason and aren't accountable for the unstable habit in their dad or mum. Borderline character disease (BPD) is a psychological disorder that has effects on a few adults, and manifests itself through abrupt temper swings and episodes of anger or desperation. It affects kinfolk relationships, specifically parenting interactions, in scary and complicated methods. This booklet is appropriate for either girls and boys, and the absence of the time period "Borderline character sickness" in it makes the e-book on hand to a much wider viewers, particularly these kids whose mum or dad has been clinically determined with Narcissistic character illness, Bipolar sickness or different psychological affliction.

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For his research, focus groups and in-depth interviews with 52 individuals from different parts of Kurdistan from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran were conducted in the UK. Tas’ chapter explores how, for stateless groups like the Kurds, ‘diaspora’ can mean more than one place—including their land of origin. Tas suggests the concept of ‘double’ diasporas, where stateless people do not feel that they belong either to their country of origin or to the country in which they now live. The relationship between statelessness and nationalism is highlighted; and the impact of this on diaspora involvement in homeland politics, conflict, and peace is explored.

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