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Alphabet (Pre-K Grade) Basic Skills Workbook by Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

By Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

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Histogram CONCEPT A special bar chart for grouped numerical data in which the fre- quencies or percentages of each group of numerical data are represented as 25 26 CHAPTER 2 PRESENTING DATA IN CHARTS AND TABLES individual bars on the vertical Y-axis and the variable is plotted on the horizontal X-axis. In a histogram, there are no gaps between adjacent bars as there would be in a bar chart of categorical data. EXAMPLE This histogram presents the viscosity data of the previous example. 5) are midpoints, the approximate middle value for each group of data.

A) True (b) False 10. A department store in a small town monitors customer complaints and organizes these complaints into six distinct categories. Over the past year, the company has received 534 complaints. One possible graphical method for representing these data is a scatter plot. (a) True (b) False 11. A computer company collected information on the age of their customers. The youngest customer was 12, and the oldest was 72. To study the distribution of the age of its customers, it should use a pie chart.

You can calculate these measures as either sample statistics or population parameters. The Mean CONCEPT A number equal to the sum of the data values for a variable, divided by the number of data values that were summed. 38 CHAPTER 3 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NUMERICAL VARIABLES EXAMPLES Many sports statistics (including baseball batting averages and football yards per reception), average SAT score for incoming freshmen at a college, average age of the workers in a company, average waiting times at a bank.

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