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Advances in Data Modeling for Measurements in the Metrology by Franco (EDT)/ Forbes, Alistair B. (EDT) Pavese

By Franco (EDT)/ Forbes, Alistair B. (EDT) Pavese

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Extra info for Advances in Data Modeling for Measurements in the Metrology and Testing Fields

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However, one can basically summarise them into the two main viewpoints labelled as “Approach A” and “Approach B” in the following applying to 26 For example, [CFH07, DP06, FP06, Gra05, IWM04, Kak04, KDP03, KDP04, KTH06, LW98, LW06, PM82, RV98, SE91, SoSi06, Whi00, Whi04, WI06, Wil06b, Wil06c] and references therein. An Introduction to Data Modelling Principles in Metrology and Testing 17 most relevant cases, with some exceptions summarised below in “Other Approaches”. Approach A The prior knowledge is used, consisting of the evidence that for comparisons in general, “when the i–th participant repeats the comparison j times, then its results can be distributed about an expectation value differing from the measurand value a by an amount bi with standard deviation si ” [Whi00], where bi has the same meaning as in model (2), and is normally called the ‘laboratory component of bias’ (with risk of confusion with the meaning of this word in testing).

22) So maximizing p(x|y) with respect to x, in view of (22), is computationally equivalent to maximizing p(y|x), that is, to searching x ˆ such that p(y|ˆ x) = max p(y|x). x (23) But, for Gauss, if formula (23) may be used for computing x ˆ, the meaning of x ˆ is still established by formula (20). Fisher changes this perspective completely, although obtaining, in this case, the same final result. He argues that the Bayes–Laplace rule (21) can not be applied, unless it is possible to determine an ‘objective’ prior distribution, p(x), for x.

Available on http://www. uk BIPM 1999 Guidelines for CIPM Key Comparisons, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, S`evres Colclough A R 1987 Two theories of experimental error J Res Natl Bur Stand 92 167–185 Cox M G 1999 A discussion of approaches for determining a reference value in the analysis of key–comparison data, NPL Report CISE 42/99. uk/ssfm An Introduction to Data Modelling Principles in Metrology and Testing [Cox02] [Cox07] [CHW05] [CP02] [CPR02] [DBCSD06] [Dav02] [DIN95] [DLCSD06] [DP06] [DS06] [DSD07] [DSWH05] [Due07] [Due07b] [EA03] 25 Cox M G 2002 The evaluation of key comparison data Metrologia 39 589–595 Cox M G 2007 Experience gained with the use of the largest consistent subset of results in a key comparison, in PTB–BIPM Workshop on the Impact of Information Technology in Metrology, Berlin, Germany.

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