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Accidental Injury: Biomechanics and Prevention by Y. C. Fung (auth.), Alan M. Nahum, John W. Melvin (eds.)

By Y. C. Fung (auth.), Alan M. Nahum, John W. Melvin (eds.)

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Butterworth filters have a unique quality-the natural frequency is always the same as the - 3dB frequency, regardless of what the natural frequency, damping factor, or attenuation rate is. The attenuation rate for a fourth-order filter is 80 dB/decade. Filtering not only affects amplitude response, but phase response as well. Filtering can be used to remove unwanted frequency components from a signal. Filters that reject a range of frequencies are termed band block. If the band is very narrow it is referred to as a notch filter.

Ment network provides a means of relating a physical parameter to voltage, and amplification increases this voltage to workable levels. Calibration provides a method for determining this relationship exactly. For example, an accelerometer used in a balanced bridge and differential amplifier configuration experiences an acceleration and an output voltage is recorded. How much acceleration, or how many gravities, does this voltage represent? To find the answer to this question the measurement system must be calibrated.

The Novotechnik T 150 (Fig. 31) employs a conductive plastic resistive element and is rated for 20 g vibration and 10 m/sec. The Space Age Control Incorporated string pot (Fig. 32) uses a cable wound about a pulley to drive a single turn rotary potentiometer. Typically, the body of the potentiometer is mounted to a reference point and the cable (by means of a clamp fixed Displacement and Deformation Deflection measurement techniques in impact biomechanics range from the simple to the complex. From linear and rotary potentiometers, linear variable differential transformers (L VDTs), position resolvers and encoders, to complex film and optical methods, researchers labor to better describe the displacement and deformation of objects undergoing impact.

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