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Abnormal Psychology: Objective Type by Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

By Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

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Which of these is one of the scales of the MMPI-2? (a) Hysteria (b) Dissociation (c) Intelligence (d) Socialization 60. Friends describe Bobby as "highly anxious, insecure, and experiencing great difficulty in making decisions. If administered the MMPI-2, Bobby would most likely to have an elevated score on the scale measuring (a) Paranoia(b) Hypomania (c) Schizophrenia (d) Psychasthenia 61. Mter interviewing a new client for more than 2 hours, a psychologist decides to administer the Millon Oinical Multiaxial Inventory.

Psychosocial and environmental problems 5. Global assessment of functioning. 24. What is a clinical interview? Ans. It is an assessment tool in clinical settings and is of two types: Diagnostic to gather information and assess behaviour; Therapeutic to modify maladaptive behaviour and attitudes of the client. 25. What are the major components of clinical Interviews? Ans. There are four major components: (1) To establish a rapport between the interviewer and client (2) To select the technique for building rapport and getting information.

A) Utility (b) Coverage (c) Validity (d) Reliability 21. What is one of the reasons for the increased reliability of diagnoses based on the DSM system? (a) The system was built upon neuro-cognitive principles (b) The system has a greater reference to biological causes (c) There is a greater emphasis on deSCriptions of behaviours (d) The current system requires a greater reliance on inference 22. The reliability of a diagnosis usually refers to the (a) Chances of a full recovery (b) Length of time it takes a treatment to work (c) Clinician's knowledge about the cause of the disorder (d) Level of agreement on the diagnosis offered by two clinicians 23.

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