Magdalena (mag-da-LAY-na), or Lena for short (not Maggie), hasn’t been born yet. She’s our daughter whom we will be adopting sometime in February ’08. We’re actually packing up to leave for Ohio right now (22 January, 2008) to go meet her birthmother for the first time and await her birth. After eight and a half years of being married without children we’re excited for the upcoming addition to the family. We’ll tell you more about her once we get to know her.


What I know about Magdalena so far is that she likes to take her time :). It is February 5th at 8 pm and she is 3 days overdue!

About her Name

Magdalena’s name comes from Mary Magdalene. While not much is known about Mary Magdalene, from the Bible we do know she had a special relationship with the Savior. In Matthew 27:56, Mark 15:40, and John 19:25 it indicates that she was there during the Savior’s crucifixion. In Matthew 27:61 and Mark 15:47 she was there at the burial. And the Savior appeared to her the morning He was resurrected (Mark 16:1-9, John 20:1-18, Matthew 28:1-9; Luke 24:10). We want our Magdalena to be close to the Savior, just as Mary Magdalene was.